Meet Kiey – the Vietnamese real estate developer whose side hustle is making euphoric and cinematic electro-pop music. Yep, you heard it right. During the 9-5 working hours, Kiet Tuan Vuu is a big-deal businessman and works for a well-known leading Vietnamese manufacturing corporation. But during the hours of darkness, he morphs into a full-fledged pop artist who has amassed over half a million Spotify streams on his neon-soaked, darker debut 2019 album ‘Night to Myself’. 

A&R Factory, the blog for independent artists has already praised Kiey’s work, writing “There are very few up and coming Pop artists who have the ability to create tracks which will hit you with the same weight as you’ll feel from Kiey’s melancholically-mused hits.”

After a couple of years unable to play live *cough* we all know why *cough*, Kiey is back and bolder than ever with the release of his latest single Sunday Sanctuary from his latest EP ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part I’. As the first single from the EP, Sunday Sanctuary combines haunting vocals with an atmospheric production – the music video that accompanies the track emphasises this even more.

During the writing and production process, Kiey’s ambition was to create a song that embodies the serenity of spending time with a loved one on a Sunday. With no pressure to go out, socialise, or give back to the world, Sunday Sanctuary was intended to convey the simple pleasures in life – doing nothing, but doing it with the only person you want to do nothing with. 

Alongside the synthy production, Kiey weaves an electronic drum beat beneath sultry strings, capturing a delicate energy that swells with a melancholic and impassioned chorus. Written and performed by Kiey, the single is assisted and re-produced by the talented BeepBeepChild. 

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