Working the last nine years as a homeless-charity choir director will teach you first hand about the healing power of music. ‘Sing It Out’ isn’t just Sam Chaplin’s latest single but all his lessons for how to reach people through song, packed into four and a half minutes. 

Sam wanted his song to create “the euphoric feeling of singing together on stage as a choir”, while containing a “powerful ‘work song’ refrain that Rag’n’boneman would be proud of.”

He said, “choir leaders and rock stars alike are always telling people to ‘Sing it  Out!’ but in this song the emphasis here is on the cathartic power of singing – singing it ‘out of your system, out of your  body, out of your yesterday”.

During his many director roles Sam has met incredibly inspiring people from all walks of life, all of whom found catharsis through music – whether that was in prison workshops or Maggie’s Cancer care projects. 

It’s a soulful, upbeat tune that’s easy to get into and start feeling the effects of. Strong percussion plays under riffling pianos and Sam’s powerful vocals work to lift you up. The same sort of self-empowering serenade of the likes of Jamie Cullum or Take That. 

Recently Sam saw runaway success with his web parody series, which put a lockdown spin on classic hits, as he explored other ways of cheering people up using music. 

But for now, all focus lies on Sing it Out, the first song on his latest album Back Into Life. To support the launch, Sam is performing at Bush Hall, London on November 21st

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