Jack Rose has raised future-house from the dead with his cover of the modern club classic, ‘Overdrive’. It’s a song he’s lucky to release after the interference of… g-g-g-ghosts?

Jack, best known as the host of the Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose, was searching for the spirit of Great Train Robber Robert Welch at Shrewsbury prison, when his phone fell victim to ghosts in the machine and started sputtering out lyrics [Take me to another dimension / only you can make me come alive].

It was the hook of Overdrive, an upcoming project of Jack’s and a cover of the Olive Heldens and Becky Hill song Gecko (Overdrive). A wall-banging future-house hit from 2014, Jack has updated to more recent club sensibilities here.

That ceiling-lifting energy is somewhat gone, but in its place is a more Weeknd-inspired, haunted, edge. Besides, the off-kilter, off-beat delivery of the lyrics on the chorus (what made the original so great) is still here to drive danceability. 

Where did this 1960s spectre get his taste for 2010s house floorfillers? Overdrive’s lyrics gave him little to pick from if he was using it to communicate from the great beyond. More likely, he was ready to trade literal bars for lyrical ones and drop eight lines on this hit of the year. 

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