Industrial music is a fractious, varied genre under which you can find discordant walls of noise as well as Gary Numan. What unites it, isn’t just a brash attitude, but a keen sense of experimentation. Purple Glass show both on this tune. 

Lacking the chunky, droning synth of their 2018 EP, ‘Blood Stained Glass’ (which is definitely worth a listen too), the band choose to lead with powerful, pressing guitar – whose rapid crank drives the gears in their sound. 

The opening bars are pacesetting and totally electric. A short, rising riff jolts the track into life before blistering drums join to darken the sky with a low, rolling cloud of noise. Through it, slice crisp, confrontational lyrics. 

This is partly because they’re really high in the mix. But the very close, lo-fi recording puts them right in your face. The delivery is urgent and raw, the vocals force questions and accusations you can’t shy away from. 

Towards the middle of the tune, a sputtering machine-sample sets the guitar off climbing again. And as they roar up, you wonder if Purple Glass can go any faster, if your knee can scrape any closer to the tarmac. 

It’s a fantastic sound and one that should put Welsh Industrial on the map. Aggressive, tight, sharp – lets call it steel wool. 

‘Laundering Diamonds’ is Purple Glass’ latest single. Tune into more of them here:




Words by Nathan Makalena