‘Nemesis’ is a brooding piece of cyber rock that flirts with both spy and sci-fi sensibilities. Punt Guns have aimed for a cinematic sound, and Nemesis oozes it. Lyrics are sparse, but the impressive tones from the two-pieces baritone guitar and six-string bass do enough talking. Foreboding, you could imagine it being a staple on space pirate radio.

The few lyrics we do get – while certainly adding to the broody, intergalactic feel – don’t make a lot of sense. Although it seems the irreverence is intentional. A growling, guttural warning about how “we are the consciousness of the Earth” is instantly undermined for a good punchline before the guitars come crashing back in.

That’s when the track takes both feet off the platform and just goes for it – giving in entirely to the theatrics. Sumptuous bass licks, fierce strings, and a pounding beat take it closer to JUSTICE territory; as rock and electric stylings bring out the best in each other to create a stomping end to the song.

I’ve got to give it to Marek Bero (bass/lead vocals) and Giampaolo Guarnieri (guitar/unearthly sounds) for carving out a niche in such a monolithic genre as rock. They’ve even given it a name already: Neanderthal Cyber Punk. Their sound is both primeval and cosmic in good measure, but that name is surely too on the nose for Pitchfork to take interest. We’ve got to go poncier. Neolithic Hyper-Contemporary? Either way, Punt Guns are serving it up in spades.

Nemesis is the first release from Punt Guns upcoming album. If you want to hear more follow the links below: 





Words by Nathan Makalena 

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