We need music that takes us to someplace else, now more than ever. Because even if St Lucia is on the amber list, SunDivas are doing their best to get us a ticket with ‘Djèn Djèn’. 

I don’t speak ‘Kweyol’ (French-derived Patwa), and I’ve never been to a ‘Soca Fete’, but this track smacks you in the face with so much enthusiasm and groove, you know the party is here. 

While unapologetically flirty, the production on ‘Djèn Djèn’ is a little too subdued for it to fit neatly into a genre as bombastic as ‘Soca’. Instead, we’re treated to gently calypso-style pickings of a guitar deep in the mix. It helps build out the scene of an intimate and authentic dancefloor, while both Divas take turns hopping on the track to spout hilariously suggestive one-liners. 

‘Inescapably rhythmic’ seems to be the modus operandi for BPSOCA (SunDivas label), as the duo become the latest act pushing explosive, colourful Caribbean music on UK listeners. It’s the sort of music you can’t just shake out by tapping your foot.

By the artists they choose – Ms.Desire, Merzy and Simbaarley – BPSOCA is bursting with pride to share such an upbeat and exuberant musical heritage. They pick musicians, like SunDivas, who show genuine authenticity through music, lyrics and image – and they’re great ambassadors for Caribbean sound in 2021.

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Words by Nathan Makalena