Finding inspiration in some of the biggest alt-rock acts of the last decade, InHibit continues to prove himself as one of the most exciting upcoming acts to recently come out of Europe with his new single ‘The Quest’.

Hailing from Brussels, InHibit is formally known as 21-year-old Noah Roovers who describes himself primarily as a poet, even though he has studied piano since the age of five.

Seemingly having done it all, this musical muse has previously worked as a racing driver and qualified lawyer; he pulls on his experiences and unconventional background to inspire his songwriting. ‘The Quest’ shows InHibit as an outsider, on a quest to find his place within society.

The stunningly filmed music video, which you can watch below, opens showing Noah with startling scaring on his face and branding on his back beginning to spell ‘InHibit’.

The marks imply that he felt restrained before jumping out of his window to begin his ‘Quest’, donning a mask and showing the different ways people respond to him when his true self, and his scars, are hidden.

Having quickly racked up almost 400,000 views in less than a month, the striking video is set to a pop rock soundtrack, reminiscent of the late 90s, with lyrics that are sure to stick in your head days after listening due to their catchy and thought-provoking nature.

You can follow InHibit on his quest towards musical greatness via the links below, we’re sure this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from him.


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