The Oscars 2022 took place on the evening of March 27th and it had everything we’d expect from such a glamourous event to have: smiles, great speeches, memes, unforgettable moments, and of course, drama! I’m sure you all woke up to the news of Will Smith and Chris Rock’s oscar altercation, which took place during Chris Rock’s monologue and the buzz that was created in Hollywood, but at events like the Oscars, we should merely celebrate achievements, learn about great actors, musicians composers, and films and praise hard work! 

So this blog post won’t be just another article on the unfortunate events and gossip but a celebration of music in films! And who would be a better composer to praise for his great music in some of our favorite films other than Hans Zimmer, who just won the second Oscar of his career for the original score of the movie Dune, by Denis Villeneuve! 

As Zimmer was at the time of the ceremony in Amsterdam, continuing his tour as planned, he could not be physically present to receive his award, yet he learned about receiving the great award from his daughter Zoë, who invited him to the lobby of the hotel they were staying at 2 am to break the good news to her father! In an unusual, for the awards, attire, Hans received his award and thanked the musicians and the lead Denis Villeneuve, saying “…Had it not be for Loire’s (Louire Cotler) amazing vocals, had it not be for the incredible musicians in this band, all the musicians in this, you know in my life this has given me the confidence to go and do this thing…”. 

The German composer shared some great images with his fans on his personal Twitter account, thanking both the academy for the award and the musicians who played in the soundtrack and assisted in producing this great work. 

Regarding the process of composing the music for “Dune”, Zimmer explained in a recent interview with Deadline that the “SWAT team of musicians” had to be open-mind and get into the mindset of being in the future, which enables them to “go and imagine and build instruments and invent instruments” from scratch, creating soundworlds that “don’t actually exist” and “rhythms which were humanly impossible to play.” (Click Here)

The film was also nominated for 10 more categories, so one can tell that it’s must watch for every movie lover!

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