“The Stones just keep on rolling! We are thrilled to announce the Rolling Stones 2022 Tour!” – and just like that the Rolling Stones are back! 

Can you believe that it’s been six decades of getting the crowds on their feet and of celebrating Rock’n’Roll while writing history? Well, the legendary Band “The Rolling Stones” have made their return to live shows official, spreading a wave of excitement and anticipation to their fans across the globe! 

But let’s get things right and outline the facts: with many fans worldwide patiently anticipating their next chance to rock their hearts out, the legendary band could not simply announce such a momentary tour just like that – they, of course, had to tease their fans. Giving out some hints that would leave people wondering as they are asking “Can’t you hear me knocking” on their official Twitter account on March 11th, while sharing a video that portrays the globe and different points on the UK and Europe with their one-of-a-kind logo.

And yes, just like that the crowds went wild! And shortly after, on March 14th, they confirmed what their fans speculated: a UK and Europe tour to celebrate their legendary 60 years in the industry rocking on some of the biggest stages just like they just like they know!

Madrid, Munich, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Bern, Milan, London, Brussels, Vienna, Lyon, Paris, Gelsenkirchen, and Stockholm – grab your tickets now before it’s too late! 

‘SIXTY’ will include Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood making their highly-anticipated return to the UK. 

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