It’s already globally known that love, apart from music, is our universal language. It has the power to unite people, generate laughter and tears, and give us those strange butterflies we all get when cupid hits a soft spot at the core of our hearts. But isn’t it so wonderful when we get reminded that this unique emotion or “condition”, as many prefer to call it, at the same time transcends age, gender and colour and brings people together like nothing else can? Well, “Brividi” spoke right to our hearts reminding us of this unique power of love and oh, I can assure you, we all got “Shivers”!

After being crowned as the winners of Sanremo 2022, Mahmood & Blanco confirmed that they will represent Italy at the 2022 Eurovision song contest, which will take place in Turin, Italy, following Måneskin’s win at Eurovision song contest 2021.

However, this time Italy’s entries have divided the crowds, with some saying that the Eurovision entries of their country are getting better and better every year, and others complaining that “Brividi” is just another ballad that is not strong enough to secure the 1st place of the contest (Source: readers comment at Click Here).

Whatever the outcome will be in May, we can surely say “Brividi” is an anthem for openly loving whoever you want, regardless of genre, colour, ethnicity, background, age and any other factors you can think of. As the two artists have stated: “In Brividi, two boys, belonging to two generations, love with the same passion and the same fears – the fear of making mistakes and feeling inadequate, unable to convey what one feels – and with the desire to love in total freedom, giving everything of oneself. All the aspects of love are united by the desire to live a pure and all-encompassing feeling, breaking down barriers, in complete freedom ”

(source: Click Here)

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