From the outside metal can feel like a difficult, insular community to engage with. It’s assertive, subgenres spawn subgenres (you better know the differences), even some album covers are totally indescifrable. 

But scratch the surface and you realise audiences the world over flock to it for the same reason as every other outsider genre – identity, passion and a firm sense of belonging. It’s that journey which Icarus has distilled into their new song ‘Castaway At Best’. 

The lyrics play on the idea that no matter who you are, no matter how far you’re pushed out of mainstream society, you have worth and you deserve to be comfortable in your own skin. It’s a bold, nuanced sentiment for such a young band and they bring that open minded thing to the production too. 

The track dares to reach out from the conventions of hard rock. It takes a death metal approach to relentless, feral drumming at its core, the intense, swaggering delivery of 90s groove and employs stabbing, muddy synths for a good dose of melodrama in classic symphonic style. 

The elements combine for a fierce freight train of a track. It aggressively demands to be heard, but if you open your ears you might find solace in what it has to stay. 

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