I’m always disappointed by bands with misleading names. Seven Purple Tigers – featuring not a single big cat playing bass – may be the worst offenders yet. Still, they’ve put out a stunning tune in ‘One Night’s Promises’: tender, shimmering, indie-rock tailor-made for midnight listening.

Lead singer Austin Horne delivers a wonderful croon. His delivery has a touch of David Byrne in its softness (more so in the verses) before he reaches a longing, impassioned cry on the chorus.

This is also where Phil Dyszy [lead guitarist] gets to show his best side. His meditative, ethereal strumming matches Horne stride for stride. Together they create a ruminative sound fitting for the song’s elusive, emotive title.

It produces a sort of confused melancholy that (going back to Mr Byrne) makes ‘This Must Be The Place’ – and many Future Islands’ work – so good. Music that makes you feel warm but still tugs at the back of your mind, asking, ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ It’s a sound you could wallow in. With this tune, it’d be worth it. 

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Words by Nathan Makalena