In the past few years, waves of women (perhaps freshly motivated by the success of #MeToo) have risen to reclaim their space – at work, at home, but maybe nowhere more notably than online.

Aurelia Dey is an artist doing just that. As the world locked down and everyday life went virtual, she made the most of the opportunity. This year saw her carve out a corner for vibrant dancehall beats and establish a virtual concert experience with her Sunday Service project. Now, she’s released her manifesto. 

‘Huntress’ is a fantastic bit of dancehall-pop: establishing itself as a testament to female power and an attempt to rewire a role long considered to be ‘boys only’ – all in 120 seconds. 

Both in its references and its spirit, the track places Aurelia as the latest in a line of warrior women we’ve come to admire. In her lyrics, she’s fearless in admitting what she wants and expects. It’s the type of ‘I’m in charge’ attitude that we too often praise in men and too quickly scorn in women.

And she carries it off wonderfully, reclaiming names like ‘Witch’ with a knowing wink, then turning to attack whatever injustice is within reach. The beat helps her in both endeavours. It plays as flirty and fun, adding spice to her cheeky innuendos, before jutting forwards with sharp horns and punchy bass as Aurelia goes on the offensive. 

‘Huntress’ succeeds at being a good, groovy tune, but it stands for so much more. Flirty, fierce and deeply human, I’m excited to see who, or what, Aurelia takes aim at next. 

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Words by Nathan Makalena