MXOM employs effortless flow and punchy trap production on his new song FXMOUS. Drawing on Kanye West, high-energy, autotuned ad-libs sound around the track, and well-placed samples are given full length to shine. 

The beat boasts the usual hallmarks: rattling hi-hats, the answering machine intro, but with pulsing bass and shimmering guitars adding a more dreamy quality. It plays well under MXOM who’s vocal style falls similar to M Huncho and Yxng Bane (by the way, where did this heavy use of x come from, and what does it mean?) 

It’s particularly good for adding weight to his delivery on lyrics that pull no punches. In a world where artists just want to flash the wealth of their success, MXOM pulls back the curtain and gives a raw, insightful look at the suffering they endure well before that. 

FXMOUS builds on what made MXOM’s debut track – ‘Kpele (Oh Well)‘ – strong. It gives the chirping ad-libs more focus and sees MXOM experiment with some different but equally buttery rhyme schemes. There’s also some sound wordplay and a pleasing punchline in the sample that rounds out the track. 

Overall, MXOM proves to be a rapper worth your attention. If you like your trap beats wavy with raw, cutting UK-realness, he might be your man. 

FXMOUS is the first track off MXOM’s upcoming, untitled debut album. If you want to stay in the loop, you can find him at these links: