It’s hard to argue that Marcus Mac, Gaeldom’s “King of Pop”, isn’t doing much good with his latest single, Nochd.

Breaking down the issue of body positivity with a powerful ballad. Tick. Delivering the song in Gaelic, adding his LGBT experience to the genre’s ever-renewing canon. Tick. Doing it all over a Europop beat. [If I wasn’t writing this the day after Eurovision, maybe I wouldn’t be as keen, but, tentatively…] Tick.

On Nochd, Marcus is given plenty of space to let his voice shine. He shifts seamlessly from delicate and frail to powerful and self-assured but always with the same sensitivity. His song follows the proud Gaelic tradition of singers lamenting over life’s many woes. In Marcus’ words, it represents the time at the end of a troubled relationship “when the person being rejected looks inwardly, asking “what did I do? What’s wrong with me?”

The vocals do well to combine Gaelic tradition with 21st-century sensibility, and the beat throughout perfectly reflects Marcus’s mood at various points and maintains the style from start to finish.

Marcus Mac has produced a solid, self-affirming ballad reflecting on issues within communities that largely go unspoken about in the mainstream world. With traditional flair grounded in the modern-day, Nochd is being released to the world on May 28th.

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