Only U is a delightful single, sitting somewhere between nostalgic 50s pop and 00s British Soul, brought to you by Jade Moss.

It takes the best from both genres, pairing emotionally honest, life-affirming lyrics with groovy, driving production (like if Mark Ronson leant less hip-hop and more doo-wop). This makes the song really danceable at its core. You’re tapping your foot before you know it as Jade walks through the track with a confident, upbeat strut.

The result takes you back to 1) 2008, when Amy Winehouse stormed the UK’s charts and hearts 2) A more distant, sweeter time in the past that all music of this ilk draws from.

Jade was made for this sound. Her big pink bouffant that emblazons the single’s cover betrays her dedication to the retro style. Her success in scaling up a retro-fashion boutique from Camden Market to high street stores means she knows the space. And she knew what to bring to this song.

Her voice has a great familiarity; it’s raw, carefree and just a little coy. It makes her a natural narrator for a song about juggling the emotions that come from finding love suddenly.

Most of the song has a full-band feel with some groovy backing vocalists, trumpet licks and a hint of cowbell (oh yeah). Though when the chorus hits, it takes on an even more celebratory tone – strings come in, the room spins, you’re in love.

Only U, is the latest single from Jade Moss’s debut EP “Backbone Woman”. To stay tuned on the project you can follow Jade at: