‘Tourist’ is an upbeat pop-tastic song and if you are in to the sound of the 80’s, this will be the single for you. It’s a pop-rock/disco infused single, with lots of energy, much like the songs of the 80’s era.

‘Tourist’ also sounds like it has jumped straight off the sound track to the 90s classic film Clueless. It is full of electrifying guitars and prominent drums, which will give the nostalgic feeling you didn’t know you needed and make you want to do little else but move your body to the beat.

This single pertains to Billy feeling like a tourist or an alien, with the artist referring to himself in this song as if he doesn’t fit within societal bounderies and wished people would stop being so judgemental.

Much like the song, the video for ‘Tourist’ is very 80’s in concept and styling, check it out on YouTube now.

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