Experts in melodic ambience, The Fabulous Red Diesel’s latest venture was entirely recorded in one-take, a strategy that is becoming more common in contemporary sub-genres, but one which still goes extremely under-appreciated.

Not only is the full band live on the album, but they cross between tracks unrestricted, providing ‘Queensbury House Sessions’ with a raw, electric gusto and an anticipatory aura between each tune.

Leading track ‘Butterfly Mind’ sets the benchmark for the album; with an expert bass riff mastered throughout, angelic piano keys elevate the song to that of a transient listening experience, perfect to score any Studio Ghibli animation. Ms Kitty’s vocals are the icing on the cake of this track and, with a perfectly-timed rhythm section acting as a faultless instrumental foundation, the front woman explores a variety of singing styles, intertwining soul and jazz in a quite glorious fashion. Kitty also prides herself in momentary flashes of guttural, hearty vocals not unlike that of Lily Allen, which is all the more effective when situated next to her more consistent atmospheric, swooning style.

With ‘Queensbury House Sessions’, The Fabulous Red Diesel have somehow channeled the popular contemporary lo-fi sound but in an old-skool form, taking the genre back to its instrumental roots.

For that reason alone, this album is accessible to just about any fan of any genre; it’s a truly shining listening experience and an exceptional demonstration of individual musical talent.

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